Steam Systems

CMTD-(Custom).jpgSteam Traps for Mainline
Steam Traps for removing condensate from steam distribution lines
piston valve (Custom).jpgValves
We offer leak-proof valve with longer life
CSPRV (Custom).jpgClean Steam Products
Clean steam products for high purity applications
AE14 (Custom).jpgSteam Traps for Process
Wide range of steam traps for process application to remove condensate quickly
TEMPCS.jpgTemperature Control Valves
Temperature Control Systems which guarantee correct temperature for the processes.
HEATMAX.jpgHeat Exchange Systems
HEATMAX, Dye Liquor Heat Recovery System
PPPPU-C(Custom).jpgCondensate Recovery Systems
Steam Operated Condensate Pump,Thermocompressor Systems, Thermocompressors,Condensate Contamination Detection Systems


Minimax Boilers Thumb.jpgOil and Gas Fired Boilers
Wide range of efficient, compact, truly packaged oil and ........
Exhaust Gas and Heat Recovery Boiler
Exhaust Gas & Heat ........
Burner Thumb.jpgBurner (Oil and Gas)
Burner (Oil and Gas)
boiler-Thumb.jpgBiomass and Industrial Waste Fired Boilers Power Boiler (Custom).jpgPower Boilers
Intelligently designed boilers to use a wide range of ........

Boiler House Solution

effimax-(Custom)-(2).jpgEffiMax 500 for Manual Fired Boilers
EffiMax-500 system is programmed with proprietary software to continuously analyze data on the real time basis.
effimax-(Custom)-(2).jpgEffiMax 2000 for FBC/Grate Boilers
Powered with many powerful features like stack O2 % ........
effimax-(Custom)-(2).jpgEffiMax 4000 for FBC/Grate Boilers effimax-(Custom)-(2).jpgEffiMax 1000 for OIl/Gas Fired Boilers
effimax-(Custom)-(2).jpgEffiMax 3000 for OIl/Gas Fired Boilers effimax-(Custom)-(2).jpgEffiMax 4000 for OIl/Gas Fired Boilers
How-safetymax-works.jpgSafetyMax for OIl/Gas Fired Boilers  

Compressed Air Factory

Stay Informed On Your Compressor Efficiencies, Individual Units Demands ........
Master-Air-Controller---CII.jpgMaster Air Control
A complete compressed air control system that maintains the ........
Intelligent compressor control to efficiently and economically manage your ........
FAD Meter Thumbnail.jpgFAD (Free Air Delivery) Meter
FAD meter with online temperature and pressure compensation gives ........

With online pressure and temperature compensation is a practical ........


Distributed Control System

Microconthumb.jpgMicrocon+ Distributed Control System(DCS)
The microcon system is designed to handle very small ........
PLCthumb.JPGMicrocon+ Programable Logic Controller(PLC)
Microcon ER Series PLC CPU can perform both small ........
Itopconverterthumb.pngElectric to Pneumatic Transducers (I/P Converter)
The E/P Transducer converts a DC milli ampere input ........
Forbes Marshall provides a wide range of controllers right ........


1-Al-case-Bourdon-Pressure-thumb.jpgPressure Gauges
The AP model process pressure gauges of the comprehensive ........
1-Gas-Filled-Temperature-Gathumb.jpgTemperature Gauges
The AT model thermo consists of stem, capillary and ........
RTD-(PT-100)thumb.jpgTemperature Elements
2-Differential-Pressure-Tralargethumb.jpgPressure Transmitters


Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating System (PRDS)
PRDS stations are supplied with ‘Combined PRDS’ valves which ........
Pressure Reducing Station (PRS)
Pressure reducing stations with pressure control systems
Angle Type Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating System
These are suitable for High pressure Turbine bypass and ........

Steam & Water Analysis System (SWAS)

sampling system-thumb.jpgSampling System
Sample conditioning systems have several functions. The sample ........
Coil in Coil type CoolMax.jpgSpecial Products
We can offer special products like sample extraction ........

Turnkey Systems & Special Products

turnkey thumbnail.jpgTurnkey process instrumentation systems

Packaged systems in instrumentation and control for the Pharmaceutical, Steel, Sugar, Distillery and Chemical industry.


Control Valve - Ecotrol Thumb.jpgControl Valve
FORBES MARSHALL ARCA Control Valves are modular in ........
thumb_1203 Way Valve.jpgThree -way valves
Three way valve is a constant flow rate valve ........
Stand alone pressure control system
Desuperheater Thumb.pngDesuperheater
Forbes Marshall ranks amongst the world's leading suppliers ........
Positioners use  feedback information to ensure that the ........
GateValve2Thumb.jpgGate Valves
Gate Valves are bidirectional and therefore they can be ........
FlangedGlobeValveThumb.jpgGlobe Valves/Stop Valves(Hand Operated/Motor Operated)
Special Control Cone (SN 46)for use on Pressure Equalizing application and high pressure reduction/Throttling applications.
Swing-Check-Valve-Thumb.jpgSwing Check Valve
Swing Check Valve consists of a valve body, a ........
Ball-Valve-Thumb.jpgBall Valve
Ball valves are basically available in three versions: full ........
Stop-cum-Check-Valve-Thumb.jpgStop and Check (NRV)Valves (Hand Operated/Motor Operated)
Available in Bolted Bonnet Construction for #800 rating valves. Welded Bonnet for rating #1500 and #2500
Lift-Check-Valve-Thumb.jpgLift Check Valve (NRV)
At Feed water and Chemical Dosing Pump Outlet in ........
Angle Pattern Blowdown Drain Valve Thumb.jpgAngle Pattern Single Stage and Multi stage Blowdown Valves
Safety Relief Valve Thumb.pngSafety Valve & Relief Valves

Vibration Monitoring

Online VMS.jpgOnline Vibration Monitoring
These monitors are implemented in a small and ........
Portable VMS.jpgPortable Vibration Monitoring
Forbes Marshall has designed and distributed portable systems ........
Vibration Monitoring Consultancy Services.jpgCondition Monitoring Consultancy Services
Forbes Marshall offers expert solutions in vibration monitoring services. ........
Remote Vibration Monitoring.jpgRemote Vibration Monitoring and Diagnosis service
Since untimely shutdowns are a maintainance person top enemies, ........

Water & Process Analytics Solution

Aqua Smart Pro Series Transmitter- Pannel & Field Type 1.jpgTransmitter
Forbes Marshall, a pioneer in water quality analysers in ........
analyzer.jpgSpecial Analyzers
Special Water and Gas Analysers for Pure, Waste & ........
AquaMAX-small.jpgAquamax - The aeration control system
The Forbes Marshall Aquamax solution helps you actively control