Functional Safety

Intellect Automation’s functional safety specialists hold the internationally recognized TÜV Functional Safety Engineering certification.

Intellect Automation’s specialists can help in achieving your functional safety objectives during any phase of the functional safety lifecycle by combining industry knowledge with internationally recognized qualifications.


Our team is experienced in a wide range of functional safety services and methodologies, in accordance with the standards AS IEC 61508 and AS IEC 61511, including:

  • Process hazard identification & risk assessment;
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) determination using a range of techniques including LOPA and modified HAZOP;
  • SIL validation / verification using the most suitable method for the specific project requirements, for example fault tree analysis or simplified equations;
  • Safety Requirements Specifications (SRS) for the safety instrumented system;
  • Design, engineering commissioning and maintenance of safety instrumented systems;
  • Functional safety lifecycle methodology and planning;
  • Functional Safety Management Systems.


With experience gained in a range of industries, Intellect Automation’s functional safety engineers comprehensively understand the relationship between risk and safety integrity level. As a result, clients can be confident that Intellect Automation specialists will:

  • Provide practical guidance in determining SIL and hardware requirements for each specific plant and project;
  • Develop and specify safety instrumented systems that can be relied upon to achieve a safe state of process operation in line with the tolerable risk requirements;
  • Generate comprehensive and clear safety requirement specification documents to meet AS IEC 61511 obligations;
  • Provide dependable SIL verification services to confirm if safety system outputs satisfy the defined requirements for the appropriate phase of the life cycle.

What to expect

Coming from an independent organization, Intellect Automation functional safety specialists will provide a realistic and unbiased perspective on the functional safety level achieved by an existing or proposed design.