Electrical Design and Management

Intellect Automation is an Electrical Engineering Consultancy specialising in Primary, Secondary and Earthing systems design. To complement our design services, we also provide Testing and Commissioning services. Our engineers have a combined experience of 40 plus years in Mining, Generation, Transmission, Distribution and the Heavy Industry sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

Earthing System Design

Earthing system designs require careful consideration and a thorough understanding of factors that can influence the performance of an earthing system under fault conditions. Intellect Automation engineers are experienced and are CDEGS­TM accredited to provide high voltage earthing design services to the generation, transmission, distribution, mining and the industrial sectors.

We provide our clients with efficient designs, working within geographical constraints and restrictions, at the same time meeting local and international safety standards (IEEE80 and AS2067). Intellect Automation utilises the powerful software package CDEGSTM to design and review, new and existing earthing systems following the design process shown below.

The following are part of Intellect Automatio’s design capabilities:

  • Soil Resistivity testing, modelling and analysis
  • Earth grid layout design for greenfield sites
  • Design reviews of existing installations
  • Touch and step voltage assessments
  • Determination of earth potential rise (EPR) contours
  • Earthing impedance calculations
  • Maximum earth grid voltage rise calculations
  • Fault current splits calculations over OHEWs and cable screens
  • Fault current distribution in concrete reinforcing or rebar
  • Minimum conductor sizing

Lightning Protection System Design

Lightning strikes can have devastating effects on assets whether it is a commercial building, warehouse, substation, or mine site. A lightning protection system can minimise the risk of a direct strike on an asset and possible fires. Financial loss or death can be mitigated and prevented by the installation of a lightning protection system.

Intellect Automation can assist clients to design new lightning protection systems or review an existing installation for adequate shielding. We utilise 3D software to design lightning protection systems for almost all applications. In summary our capabilities include:

  • Lightning shielding design utilising CDEGS SESShield 3D CAD software
  • Analysis of existing lightning protection installations
  • Lightning protection system performance
  • Lighting system integration with earthing system design
  • Adequate earthing for lightning protection systems

Protection, Control and Metering

With incessant rise in energy demand and rigorous regulatory compliance requirements, maintaining reliability of the power system is critical. Intellect Automation Engineers are proficient in the field of system reliability and provide our clients with design and advice to ensure their systems comply with local regulatory standards.

We offer the following specialist skills:

  • Protection relay settings calculations, reviews and coordination
  • Fault analysis and modelling
  • Review of protection schemes
  • Protection scheme design for the following systems, but not limited to:
    • Generation/motor
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
    • Busbar
    • Transformers
    • Feeder circuits
  • Transformer cooling control systems
  • Electrical plant control systems
  • Implementation and management of metering systems

Commissioning Management

The Commissioning Manager is pivotal to the physical realisation of a design. The successful management, coordination and programming of this process are fundamental to the success of the project.

Intellect Automation provides commissioning management support to our clients’ project teams by effectively leading the people involved to meet the project objectives with the following services:

  • Preparation of commissioning documents (Plans, ITPs, ITRs)
  • Preparation and maintenance of commissioning schedules
  • The management of commissioning engineers and technicians
  • Collation of all commissioning and test results
  • Pre commissioning and commissioning witnessing
  • Resolution of technical queries
  • Preparation of progress reports
  • Presentation of commissioning updates during client commissioning meetings
  • Running of daily commissioning meetings
  • Allocation of daily tasks

System Configuration and Assesment

Complementary to our protection, control and metering design capability, Intellect Automation also provides the following system configuration and assessment services:

  • Protection relay logic and settings configuration
  • Energy meter configuration
  • Electrical plant condition assessment
  • Power quality assessment